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About Us

Biz Aid Leads Dynamics in the Cloud

Biz Aid is a Microsoft gold partner, and a leader of Dynamics in the cloud. We specialize in project management, consulting, as well as in characterization and implementing CRM solutions and Office 365, for both small and large-scale businesses.

Biz Aid’s experience spans hundreds of successful projects in numerous sectors and industries in the USA and worldwide.

Our methodology is unique and designed for the rapidly-changing cloud environment.

We focus on maximizing existing system capabilities, using the least coding possible. This translates into responding to changing business needs, and easily upgrading certain capabilities to future versions with no additional costs.

Biz Aid Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold Partner

How Are We Different?

Our experience - we’re a team holding far-reaching Dynamics 365 talent, industry knowledge, and expertise obtained in some of the country’s largest enterprises.

Our methodology - unique for implementing systems in the cloud. Step by step, we build a custom-tailored system together with our customers. This unique process provides for a deeper understanding of the requirements and needs while our customers learn the system, its nature, and capabilities.

Our service - 24/7 online, and on-sire. In order to deliver best in class service our support team comprises experts in their field.  

Our Clients

Manage business processes in several departments and subsidiaries

  • ​Cross departments companies and contacts management

  • Dynamic business process flows

  • Auto external files data import

  • Customers portal

stock exchange.png

Sales and HR management

  • Direst leads to relevant sales center

  • Schools interface for potential students management

  • Interface to financial system- SBO

  • HR management system

Avgol- Biz Aid Customer dynamics 365

Sales and Operations Management

  • ​Leads & Opportunities Management

  • Help Desk Management

  • Portals for Employees

  • Procurement Management


Sales Management

  • ​Management of all types of incoming applications

  • Lead management

  • Online interface to the sales website

  • Online interface to the service requests system

Nike- Biz Aid Customer dynamics 365

Customer Service

  • ​Case Management

  • Integration with IP business phone

  • Automatic reports

  • Document Management


Sales and Operations management

  • ​Sales Management

  • Operations management

  • Scheduled interface to collect data from external websites

  • Managerial Dashboards and alerts

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