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Accelerator Partner Program

Get $50, again and again

If your business is involved in IT advising or Microsoft software in some way, our referral program for the Dynamics 365 CE Accelerator could deliver some great benefits for your company (and clients!).

  • Offer a more complete Microsoft lineup by adding 365 Customer Engagement to the mix

  • Meet the needs of a prospective client and build goodwill for future needs

  • Make money off a prospect that isn't a good fit for you due to size or software

  • Add value to your current client relationships by offering a new product option

  • Contribute to your bottom line with a consistent new revenue stream

How it works

Join our referral partner program. It's ideal for companies and individuals that work with clients to do Microsoft licensing, IT advising and 365 implementations.


Send prospects our way that aren't a good fit for you, but that we can serve well. They might need software you don't offer or be too small to be profitable for your business model.


If your referral signs up for an Accelerator package, you'll start to receive $50 a month for as long as that agreement is in place. Yep - every month for the life of the customer.

Partner Sign-up
Join our program today

Fill in the form here and we'll get back with you to formally add you to the program. Then you can start referring and earning!

Also feel free to fill out the form if you just want to get more information about the Accelerator or the program.

Accelerator Referral Sign-Up


Thanks for your interest! You'll hear from us soon to get you added to the program.

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