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Dynamics 365 + Accelerator Pricing

Your cost to start using Dynamics 365? $0!!!

Forget about writing a big fat check or waiting months to get the system running. With the Biz Aid Accelerator, you can get your new CUSTOMIZED, PERSONALIZED and SUPPORTED CRM built with Dynamics 365 CE modules in less than two weeks and with $0 up-front.

Our Accelerator's smart engine uses your business processes to build a custom system for you that gives you everything you need to get started with sales and customer service. In less time than it takes most companies to gather requirements, you'll have a functioning CRM helping you manage your leads and interactions.

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Price the Accelerator difference

Standard Implementation

  • $3,000+ to start

  • One month for requirements gathering

  • 3-6 months for implementation

Accelerator Implementation

  • $0 to start

  • Two weeks to launch

  • Monthly charge customization, support, training

Accelerator pricing

Add our Accelerator to Dynamics 365 and you get a CRM solution that is CUSTOMIZED, PERSONALIZED and SUPPORTED with no up-front costs. Choose a service package based on the level of technical support and services you'll need over the next year, and your credit card will be charged automatically each month.

Accelerator Pricing Plans








25 hours


3 hours/month



10 hours


1 hour/month



5 hours



Solution for SMBs

Smart engine for customizations

Implementation & Go Live

Ongoing support-technical

Ongoing support-customization & training

Dynamics 365 Benefits

If you already have Office 365, Dynamics is the ideal option for your first CRM solution. 

  • Easy integration

  • Familiar interface

  • Quicker adoption by key employees

Dynamics licensing costs

So just what will you be paying to get one of the best CRM systems out there? 

The licensing for Microsoft Dynamics 365 works on a per module basis. So you pay a set price for your first module, then a lower price for other modules you want to add on. Add seats for professionals (heavy users) or team members (light users) as you need.

Here's a look at how that might break down for a company with a small sales team and more customer service reps.


Per user/month


Dynamics 365

Sales Professional


Core sales processes


Per user/month


Dynamics 365 Customer Service Professional

Core customer service


Per user/month


Dynamics 365 CS Team Member


Contact & activity management + view all records

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