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Case Study: Bi-Pol

Biotech company improves management of its end-to-end sales process in two weeks by implementing Dynamics for Sales using Biz Aid’s 365 CE Accelerator.

The ability to manage our customer activities and tie them back to Outlook has been invaluable. And the speed at which we were able to make it happen was unbelievable.

David Poleg, CEO, Bi-Pol

Dynamics Accelerator Solution

Using our Accelerator, Bi-Pol started working with Dynamics CRM in less than two 2 weeks. During that time, working with Bi-Pol, Biz Aid performed the following implementation actions:

  • Provided extra customizations necessary for phase 1

  • Imported data

  • Created quote templates

  • Delivered training

  • Created 365 users with relevant roles to the CRM

  • Connected Outlook to the CRM


By end of implementation, Bi-Pol was using the following functions of the CRM:


  • Lead management

  • Business opportunities and pipeline management

  • Produce quotes

  • Activities management — phone calls, tasks and emails

  • Outlook interface — email sync and leads creation from emails


With Microsoft Dynamics for Sales, Bi-Pol is seeing the following benefits:


  • Ability to manage the sales team and increase their productivity

  • Ability to manage pipeline and monitor sales forecast 

  • Sales team works faster and communicate with their clients on the accurate time to close the sale

  • Watch all customer info from Outlook

  • Save time and energy by using auto-quote templates 

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