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Case Study: CytoReason

Pharmaceuticals company streamlines management of its projects in two weeks by implementing Dynamics for Sales using Biz Aid’s 365 CE Accelerator

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Biz Aid had us working in the new system quickly. That gave us a better scope of what we wanted, and they made those happen without weeks of requirements meetings or downtime.

David Harel, CEO, CytoReason

Dynamics Accelerator Solution

Using our Accelerator, CytoReason started using personalized processes to manage projects with Dynamics CRM. Working with CytoReason, Biz Aid performed the following implementation actions:

  • Provided extra customizations necessary for phase 1

  • Imported data

  • Delivered training

  • Created 365 users with relevant roles to the CRM

  • Connected Outlook to the CRM


By end of implementation, CytoReason was using the following functions of the CRM:


  • Lead management

  • Business opportunities and pipeline management

  • Activities management — phone calls, tasks and emails

  • Outlook interface — email sync and leads creation from emails

  • Mobile App- accessing data, from anywhere, at any time


With Microsoft Dynamics for Sales, CytoReason is seeing the following benefits:


  • Ability to overview all projects in all stages in one place

  • Ability to see full history from the account form

  • Watch all customer’s info from Outlook

  • Ability to stay on top of tasks assigned to different team members

  • Stay connected by accessing Dynamics from the mobile app

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