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Case Study: Juganu

Manufacturing company improves management of its end-to-end sales process in 10 days by implementing Dynamics for Sales using Biz Aid’s 365 CE Accelerator.

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The large up-front cost had kept us from investing in a CRM system until now. The Accelerator tool quickly got our sales system live without a huge initial investment.

Shay Leibovitz, Chief Sales Office, Juganu

Dynamics Accelerator Solution

Using our Accelerator, Juganu started using personalized processes to manage their projects with Dynamics CRM. Biz Aid, with the collaboration of Juganu, performed the following implementation actions:

  • Provided extra customizations necessary for phase 1

  • Connected Gmail to the CRM

  • Delivered training for main user

  • Connected Teams to the CRM


By end of implementation, Juganu was using the following functions of the CRM:


  • Lead management

  • Assign opportunities to sales teams

  • Business opportunities and pipeline management

  • Business process flow

  • Probability calculation

  • Activities management — phone calls, tasks and emails

  • Gmail sync

  • Teams connection

  • Mobile App- accessing data, from anywhere, at any time


With Microsoft Dynamics for Sales, Juganu is seeing the following benefits:


  • Ability to manage sales team and increase productivity

  • Ability to manage pipeline and monitor sales probability

  • Work sales opportunities as a team

  • Communicate with prospects in a timely fashion to close the sale

  • Ability to stay on top of tasks assigned to different team members

  • See all information concerning the client on one form

  • Stay connected by accessing Dynamics from the mobile app

  • Continue using Gmail for their email communications

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