Advanced Tools for Sales Processes Management

A designated yet simple toolbar guides sales representatives through the sales process, directing them according to customer type, query, or complaint.

Discover Business Opportunities on Social Media

Using keywords or Microsoft’s auto-tagging.

Built-in Interface for Office Products

Email interface - fully synchronized with the CRM system, and with the local or cloud Outlook. Email interface includes: email, appointments, tasks, telephone calls and contacts. Interface for SharePoint files and the CRM. Interface for Word documents and for production of designed quotations. Interface for pivot table analysis using Excel.


Determine principles and guidelines programmed to send automatic alerts, tasks, emails, and messages to customers, business partners, and employees.

Carry out automated calculations with regard to employee and partner incentives.

Get Business Insight

Obtain a powerful tool that analyzes the information accumulated in the system following sales processes.

Learn how long your sales processes take, which are your best sales employees, and what is the probability for a deal to close.

Anywhere Anytime Always Available

Using a smartphone or a tablet app, information is available anywhere at all times: in the office, at home, overseas, and en route.

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