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Dynamics 365 Service
Advanced Tools for Service Processes Management 

A designated yet simple toolbar guides service representatives through the service process, directing them according to customer type, query, or complaint.


Define principles and guidelines programmed to send automatic alerts, tasks, emails, and messages to customers, business partners, and employees.

Manage Negative Comments and Complaints on Social Media

Convert posts, comments, and messages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram into service calls.

Manage Field Technicians

Manage field technicians’ schedules using a dedicated app, equipping them with smartphones or tablets for documenting installations and repairs.

Get Insight from Social Media

Learn about what people think about your organization, products, and service.

Get information about trends and competitors.

Obtain data relating to causes and factors that may affect your business.

Manage Service-Level Agreements

Manage your SLAs and determine response times by client/product and according to type of complaint.

Service calls are automatically directed into the work queue.

Customer Portal

Provide customers with an easy and simple portal to follow up their current request, browse their history, and open a new service call.

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