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Social Engagement
Dynamics 365 Social

Dynamics 365 for Social

Engage this module for Dynamics 365 CE to make it easier to manage campaigns and track results from your social media efforts. Having everything within the CRM means your entire sales and marketing team is aware of every contact made with prospects, clients and the general public.


Manage Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and accounts.

Organize your wall by statuses.

Tag posts and manage your personal messages.


Identify New Business Opportunities

Once an opportunity has been identified and tagged, an automatic message is sent to your email.


Information Reports and Analysis

Receive data and statistical information about messages and posts. View posts by location.


Get Insight from Social Media

Learn about what people think about your organization, products, and service.

Get information about trends and competitors.

Obtain data relating to causes and factors that may affect your business.


Customer Service over Social Media

Monitor, real time, complaints about the company, its products, or service, and promptly respond.

Open service calls in the CRM manually or automatically, and then proceed to customer service.

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