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Microsoft Dynamics Solution for Educatoin

Based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 best practices, our experts have developed
a cutting-edge end-to-end solution for education institutions.
Our solution streamlines sales, operations, and service processes.

Video demos of Dynamics solution for education


Manage potential student leads, opportunities, educational consultations, and goals.

Handle and custom-tailor quotes.

Implementing our solution, you will: sell more, enhance management, readily share information, and improve control over your sales processes.


Manage the courses, lecturers, exams, grades, etc.
Offer your students a portal for tracking personal data and information.


Implementing our solution, you will: improve efficiency, reduce costs, generate more business insights, and boost your operations and sales processes.


Manage service requests, SLAs, and knowledge articles directly from the CRM and the Portal.

Implementing our solution, you will: upgrade the service provided to both students and employees.

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